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Offer advanced mobile video capabilities to your customers by reselling MComms TV's products, using our support, design and installation services to ensure both your success and your customer's happiness.

Offer an exciting new range of products and services to your Mobile Operator, IPTV Operator or Content Provider customers. Help them make a successful and profitable transition to the new era of mobile video service delivery by teaming up with a company at the forefront of mobile video technology.


Provide your customers with the ability to:


  • Deliver their existing internet video streams onto mobile devices using a single software package
  • Subscribe to third party internet content providers and deliver them onto both PC screens and mobile phones
  • Create exciting, animated menus which subscribers can "channel surf" through on their mobile phones
  • Monitor all of their video streams without having to continually connect devices to the video screens and employ operators to check the content


MComms TV works comfortably with a range of distributers throughout the world, offering our products and services successfully into a range of the world's top mobile operators. We have reference sites that demonstrate our capabilities, delivering and monitoring high quality content such as the BBC World, CNN, Cartoon Network, MTV and Big Brother.


We provide training and support to back up our products, remote installation services to assist your staff and custom software development services to meet any need not serviced by our off-the-shelf range of products.

Read more about our products using the links above, but feel free to contact us at anytime to answer any further queries you may have.