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MComms TV is a software design and solutions company that specialises in live Mobile TV monitoring, digital audio/video mixing, transcoding and Mobile TV Ad Insertion for the telecommunications industry. Our products are used by network operators and content providers globally to deliver innovative Mobile TV services to subscribers.

Our Customers

Here is a selection of some of our customers:

3 MobileHutchison 3G Australia (Vodafone-Hutchison Australia) selected MComms Monitor to monitor the availability of its live and looped mobile TV streams. Hutchison uses MComms Monitor in it’s Network Management Centre (which is operated by Ericsson) and also it the office of it’s video production team. MComms Monitor is used to monitor the availability and quality of 64 live and looped MobileTV streams from content sources such as Big Brother, Cricket, Soccer, Sky Racing, CNN News etc.

logo-optus150Singtel Optus Limited uses MComms Transcode to deliver live video streams of many different TV stations to 2G and 3G subscribers. Optus selected MComms Transcode because of the high quality of encoded streams as well as MComms expert technical support which provided responsive solutions for Optus. Optus is also using MComms Transcode to deliver live streaming of high profile sporting events to many different handset models including iPhone. MComms Monitor is used in Optus to monitor the availability and quality of streaming content.

TelstraTelstra is Australia's leading telecommunications company, offering a full range of services and providing more than 9.6 million Australian fixed line and more than 9.3 million mobile services, including 3.3 million 3G services. MComms Monitor was selected by Telstra’s mobile network team to monitor high profile Mobile TV streaming during olympics and the availability of RingBack Tones (caller tones). Telstra also uses MComms Transcode to convert Windows Media Streams from sporting events into 3GPP streams for their mobile customers.

PCCWPCCW is the largest and most comprehensive provider of communications services in Hong Kong and one of Asia's leading players in Information and Communications Technologies (ICT). PCCW is developing projects in mainland China and the UK, as well as other parts of the world, and serves a growing number of network operators.
PCCW Limited (PCCW, or the Company) decided to use MComms Monitor to automatically monitor the availability of video streams on it’s mobile network.
MobilkomMobilkom is the telecom market leader in Austria and is a high quality partner for Vodafone, leading the Central Eastern Europe region in terms of product development and customer service. Mobilkom Austria group, comprises the Austrian market leader Mobilkom Austria, the Croatian operator VIPnet, and the Slovenian operator Si.mobil, and has 4.26 million customers across its territories. Mobilkom, Telekom Austria's mobile subsidiary, is using the MCommsTV transcode for commercial deployment of mobile TV services in the Austria. Mobilkom uses MComms Transcode to transcode directly from its IPTV network to High Definition MobileTV.
BSNLBSNL is the 7th largest telecom company in the world providing a comprehensive range of telecom services in India: Wireline, CDMA mobile, GSM Mobile, Internet, Broadband, Carrier service, MPLS-VPN, VSAT, VoIP services, IN Services etc. BSNL cellular service, CellOne, has more than 17.8 million cellular customers, garnering 24 percent of all mobile users as its subscribers. That means that almost every fourth mobile user in the country has a BSNL connection.

CTMCTM has made a long term commitment to Macau and is privileged to be the only full telecom service provider of a vital part of the total social and economic infrastructure. It will remain a leading Company in Macau and one of which the Community can justifiably be proud. MComms Transcode helps CTM Macau to deliver high-quality television, audio & video broadcast to its mobile TV subscribers in Macau with H.263, MPEG-4. MComms supplied MComms Transcode to CTM to transcode content such as traffic cameras and financial news to it’s subscribers over both a video calling service and packet switched streaming services.

Sky ChannelSKY is the world's leading multi-venue racing broadcaster, telecasting more than 5000 race meetings each year to millions of viewers around the globe. Sky Racing pioneered satellite television in Australia. It transmits via satellite and cable to more than 5,000 outlets across Australia, and in more than a dozen countries around the world.