Transcode Monitor

Web Streaming, Mobile TV, OTT

Solution Design

MComms TV will work with you to ensure that our products provide the best possible performance in your network. Allow us to help you design the best solution for your needs, taking care of any customisation that may be required if our software is not an exact fit for your requirements.

Our familiarity with mobile video makes our solution design services a logical choice when launching a new mobile video service. We can help architect and design solutions that integrate our products into your existing network to deliver the next mobile video services you want to offer to your subscribers.


We have experience designing not only basic mobile video offerings, but in pushing the boundary toward the next generation of video services, incorporating video portals and keypad navigation through a range of live video services. Design of effective mobile video services is a specialised undertaking with many challenges, including the complexity of meeting sustained bandwidth requirements over a radio network. MComms TV staff have the years of experience in both the mobile and content industries necessary to understand these challenges and meet them with solid, advanced and cost-effective solution architectures. Bring us in to help you understand what's possible, and to plan a service offering that will blow your customers away.


Even if you're considering a service that you don't feel matches the features of our MComms product range, just ask us! Our software design and development services can develop a solution tailored to your needs in a much shorter timeframe than a new development starting from scratch, by using our products as a base for customised development.