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Web Streaming, Mobile TV, OTT

Today's mobile networks are moving well beyond voice, to offer exciting and dynamic services on a range of devices. Video is one of these new services, and doing video "well" can provide a competitive advantage to your mobile network.


The TV commercials extol the virtues of your new mobile video service. Customers sign up, and then eagerly attempt to watch reality TV, sport, humorous videos, and all types of marketable content. But here comes the reality check: Just how easy is it for customers to navigate to the video services they want? How smooth is the video - and does it freeze or drop out, or is it a pleasure to watch? Do your customers have to navigate through screens and screens of text or icon-based menus to reach the services they want to see...?


Mobile video is an exciting service that customers are keen to subscribe to, according to the latest market research. It can offer new revenue streams on top of access and voice, with customers willing to pay additional subscription dollars for content they want access to from wherever they are. These are truths that most mobile operators know.


The challenge facing mobile operators today is to build infrastructure that allows them to cost-effectively obtain and reliably deliver the content that will maximise their revenue potential. This means obtaining a wider range of content at low cost, and it means ensuring the quality of the service that's delivered.


MComms TV is a software company specialising in Mobile TV. Our products are specifically designed for Mobile Operators, to enable the next generation of carrier-quality video services. Our products provide:

The ability to re-purpose existing Internet content feeds for mobile consumption, allowing for very low-cost acquisition of a wide range of content for your mobile subscribers;

  • The ability to deliver exciting video-based portals instead of text or icon-based portals, and a TV-like channel surfing experience;
  • The ability to automate and integrate the management of service monitoring into your existing network management infrastructure to ensure the quality of your video service matches the quality of your network.


MComms TV has software installed at Mobile Operators across the globe including Hutchison, Vodafone, Telstra and the Bridge Mobile Alliance. Our software is used to deliver and monitor everything from live reality TV show footage, sports broadcasts and highlights, to surf cams and traffic information cams.


No other company offers a mix of products, software development capabilities, and solution design and implementation expertise that is so suited to today's advanced Mobile Operators.